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G2AGoldmine In English


Do you like games? Have you ever thought how can you earn them? Read the description, maybe it's for you is probably the most well known site, for those who do not know what this site is, it is a site where we will find a variety of games, game skins, Cd-Keye, Games for popular platforms such as Origin, Gameforge Steam, Xbox, Apple, etc

But the site does not give us only the opportunity to buy it all, we can also sell your games there and everything that is related to games, etc.
I highly recommend this site, because there are a lot of interesting promotions such as: Up to 95% discount.

Okay, but I'm talking here, and how can you make it?

So this site has a G2AGoldmine Affiliate Program that gives site visitors the chance to earn extra helmets.
So we enter G2AGoldmine, if we already have an account, if you do not need to start new, after entering immediately we will get a short guide from G2A how we can earn in their program.
I will describe to you how you can earn in this program.
After logging in we get a link to the page, and a link to the buddies so they can make money in this program

If someone logs in from your link to G2AGoldmine buddies and starts to recommend this program and earn money, you will also get some commissions on the earnings of your buddy.It is quite cool because they are from 3 referrals levels, what does it mean? If your friend asks someone you get a commission paid for by your buddy and it is a level 2 earnings, while level 3 is when your friend is recommended to someone else, and you get a commission on his earnings too So I think it is quite cool and If you are engaging you can earn a nice commission from the recommended ones

Commissions with levels
Level 1 - 100%
Level 2 - 60%
Level 3- 40%

Now something about how you earn yourself on G2AGoldmine, it's very easy You are linking to, and from whoever buys a game you get a commission, for that person who buys something from your command jumps into your G2AGoldmine group and now Already when this person buys something you will get a commission.
G2AGoldmine uses cookies that work for 3 years.

In my opinion this is a very cool way to make extra helmets especially if you are familiar with games and related stuff.
The program has cool commissions, from what I know as I last saw their best partner has already earned 1million euro with G2AGoldmine

So if you are a player, or you like this way of making money, I would recommend you surf the forums about games, direct your friends to the site, maybe you have an online site, I recommend to upload an entry about this site
Think how much you can have people in your group by 1 line of this program and I also add that the commissions can be big even for 1 game.
So I encourage you and invite you to take action
Register in the Affiliate Program to earn:   > Registration <
Link to G2A site if you want to see or sell some games> HERE <

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