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TakeTask In English


TakeTask is a cool application for getting paid for various tasks, and examples of tasks are described below, and I will add a photo. Very easy tasks. Payment at any time to your PayPal account, if you do not have a PayPal account application itself will send you an invitation to set up such an account.

Download the app to your smartphone, sign up, and become an Agent to perform simple tasks in your area. The tasks may be different: check the price of products in the store, product availability on the shelf in the store, photo billboard in your area, fill out a brief survey in your home and much more! For each job, you will receive a monetary remuneration visible in the job title paid by TakeTask to your PayPal account.


Just pay the money, and for 5 minutes we already have money in your PayPal account ?


Photo of example tasks:


How much will I get for doing a single task?

  • For past tasks we paid from 1.5pln to 18pln depending on its level of complexity. In the future it is possible that we will pay more. It depends on how fast you are performing and how you will get more responsive and therefore better paid.


Do I need to have internet access on my smartphone?

  • Yes. Internet access is needed so that, for example, you can receive a list of tasks.
    The data transfer is not big – you do not have to worry about it.
    The compensation for the task will compensate you completely ?


Is TakeTask something like casual work, net job orders, work over the internet?


  • No. TakeTask is a lot more than making money online. First of all the paychecks in TakeTask are much higher. As an Agent, you do your homework outdoors with your smartphone – often in your area. Demonstrating your reliability to the next level, so you have access to more tasks. In short: TakeTask is an Android game app that pays. We also work on versions of Windows Mobile and iOS apps.


On registration, enter the name of the host: Harl 007, and you will get 10 points to start and your first job will be within 24H.


You can download the application —–>Here<—–

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